Alice in wonderland

Coming back to my blog after such a long time… so much has been going on!  lot’s of new projects finished and here i am sharing .

In the mouth of April i had two interesting orders to process, one was a party cake with the theme of  ” mad hatter”s party”. i then started to research and found lots’ of different ideas…this has been done so many times that there was plenty of inspiration out there.

Just to mention, this was my first ever figured fondant cake, i never worked with it before and i can say i really enjoyed it, learn a lot along the way… i was very happy to create something new and challenging.


the great thing about making fondant models, you can start your work weeks before it’s due, you make them and you wait till it gets hard, they still stay fragile but holds it shape perfectly. i really feel like i could push this hobby further. i used the shop bought icing  not from the local supermarket as the quality isn’t the same as the one bought from a professional cake shop.

If  i had to give an advise for backing … never cut corners, and always put in the top quality ingredients and it will show in the result.

10156037_677066299016509_9065354841864873057_n                                                             10154417_678006162255856_1134196225052511924_n


so, here it is… i was over all satisfied with myself, for a first time  🙂




African themed cake, hand painted.

the inside of the cake is a plain victoria sponge cake layered with fresh cream and fruits.