My kitchen Philosophy

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  • In today’s society we have alienated our self from our kitchen. Ladies we can make it an actual enjoyable moment, make it comforting rather then frightening… close the door, put a soothing music on and make you work tops doughy, it’s fantastic. Through food you can archive so many things; making people agree that wouldn’t otherwise and bringing family and friends together through your amazing craft of love.                             Trouble with our way of eating today is mainly related to our life style… we work hard come home and the last thing we want to do is going in our kitchen…yet we want food and we want it now… so what do you do? take out? The fine tip to have food all week long and not having to cook is to prepare and freeze. anything.  Doing this will benefit you in all sorts of ways, you wont have to cook when tired but yet will eat balanced meals, healthier then a take out and reap the deep satisfaction of a meal cooked entirely by yourself.                             Making most of your ingredient from scratch can have a real satisfying effect. Taste will obviously be affected in a good sens. make your own pizza dough, your own pastry for you quiche Lorraine your own burger buns down to nice cake thronging on your kitchen counter on a cake stand, the efforts required is so much less then the gratitude we get when eating it. Some people tho have the fear of getting those mixing bowls and whisks out…don’t be afraid, go ahead an throw yourself at it, you will learn from your mistake, but also i’m here to help you achieving stratifying bakes…  It wont take you more then 25 minutes to make a tray of delicious muffins or a layered cake, and just for that you will feel disproportionately good about yourself. Baking to me, it’s all about feeling good, that warm sweet smelling odeur in the whole house, leaving behind what ever day to day stressful job you have, put on you aprons and start dreaming ….