pain russe


an all time favorite… the traditional pain russe, i used to have them for breakfast growing up . it is the same Technic as the choux chinois, with a different filling; raisins.

i did put my own twist on those tho. i filled them with apricot jam,all spices, raisins and almond powder.  divine  


une chinoiserie


when ever i go back home and i find myself near a bakery i love to get myself a choux chinois … don’t ask me” why the name”?… i should research it.  it is composed of a brioche like dough and in the center of these are this lovely vanilla flavor creme patisserie with chocolate chips. then again my girls absolutely loved it

plain brioche


Recently with my brioche making/eating passion i’m going all out, this little baby is a plain eggs brioche with an over night rise for more taste and fluffiness, it is just diving in the morning with a nice strong coffee and chocolate spread for the children… i tell you this one never have time to cool down in my household…