करी की सबसे अच्छी दोस्त- curry’s best friend


before meeting my husband i never had a curry… you might think it’s such a common thing why not?

growing up in France i was never adventures to taste food from other countries, yet today i eat it regularly and you know what?.. i like it !

i’ll tell you a little story…

one day, as my husband and i were courting, i thought that i would surprise him by making him a nice candle lit dinner, and on the menu;  curry made by myself…  not knowing at the time, i went to the supermarket and got a jar of Marsala curry paste, with nice chicken fillets.

He pretended to like it and ate the food… now that’s love for you. he did tell me later that he never tasted such a poor curry, still a couple of months later he married me.

Guess what tho, now i’m a curry making master, i have learn the art of creating a good curry 🙂 and theses naan breads i made them to go with one curry i made not long ago… they tasted better then shop bought one and cheaper to make too.


La bella vita





After my home country if i was to choose a food favorite destination it would be Italy… this is why with this focaccia herbs and sea salt i honor my dear Italian friends .

country for food and art lovers and lovers all together 😉

week loaf


seeded bread

I always wanted to do my own bread, had a couple of attempt but with no success at all… my bread was so hard that not even the ducks at the park would of eaten it.

I practiced followed different recipes  till i got the hand of it… and then it was pure pleasure.

Nothing can replace a nice home made bread all warm coming out of the oven, cutting a slice and spreading it with a nice farm house butter…

Mhmmm close your eyes and imagine…  mouth watering !