No ordinary wedding cake

I was so thrilled about this order, i lived it day and night.

One day in the mouth of march i gave a wedding cake consultation which i love doing… i sat  down with the mother of the bride only has  it was  a surprise. With paper and coloring pencils i started working with her ideas and my creativity… when she left my home she was very exited about what we had discussed and agreed on doing.

The theme was “trains and hand bags” the groom had a particular type of train he liked and for the bride it was the beloved designer hand bags.

10154531_676447842411688_6587800760155691054_n     10153695_676447902411682_6520796174675995081_n

these were very satisfying to make yet my eye sight probably gone worse since that day… working with very small objects can be freaky ! lot’s of patience is required.

Once again my painting skills were required, but this time not on a cake but on a canvas. it’s been years since i had touche paint.



I can now say that painting on a canvas is not the same thing as painting on a cake…  different technique is required. but for this project i found myself using all my skills and it was wonderful.

10321705_680987755291030_2864783054782863668_o         10322573_680987808624358_4098272658877936445_n


The effect of surprise was complete! the bride and groom didn’t want a traditional wedding cake and wanted it to be original ! it was a success, it became the center peace of the day 🙂

i was very proud of myself.



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